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Gooroo is an official vendor and partner of the NYC Department of Education

Let our Gooroos help you learn!

Our Gooroos are friendly humans who care deeply about you and your child’s learning, who will mentor and guide you on your learning journey. They undergo a comprehensive background check and demonstrate their knowledge and personal skills needed to teach and connect with students.

  • Picture of Julian Bass-Krueger

    Gooroo lets me connect with students that I share common passions with. For example, with one student, I not only helped boost his SAT scores but also worked with him on a short film for his college application. Whether it’s with math, ELA, literature, or French, I always bring my love of learning to what I teach.

    Julian Bass-Krueger
  • Picture of Masuma Somji

    I love being able to share knowledge and skills with my students, watching them grow and learn so much in the process. When teaching robotics, I make sure our sessions are interactive, making the environment conducive to learning while simultaneously making the student feel comfortable. Not only does this increase the student's confidence but it also helps me get to know them and their learning styles a little better.

    Masuma Somji
  • Picture of Akira Wong

    I believe a warm and encouraging environment helps students learn best. Every instructional strategy that I employ for my students are highly individualized, tailored to their unique needs in learning. During my three years of teaching experience, many of my students have overcome their challenges, successfully attaining grades of B+ and above.

    Akira Wong
  • Picture of James Chapman

    Every time I meet a new student my three main goals are always to find the level at which they feel comfortable with the material, engage the parent(s) in the process so they understand what their child is working on, and find ways to motivate the student to get them to want to learn more every session.

    James Chapman
  • Picture of Joy Dong

    My students’ needs is what matters the most to me. I initiate a plan to meet students’ individual goals. I also adjust my instructional style to fit students’ interest, learning styles and other special needs.

    Joy Dong
  • Picture of Louis Boguslav

    As a student of computer science myself, I know the trials one must go through to understand and ultimately fall in love with the field. It is easy to feel shy in the face of a challenging problem, which is why I push my students to do better than what they think they are capable of in those moments. Gooroo provides insight into how my students learn which greatly aids in the process teaching a student how to think like a computer scientist.

    Louis Boguslav

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  1. Step 1

    Submit a request

    Tell us about your needs. What you’d like to learn with us, what makes learning best for you, scheduling preferences, and more.

  2. Step 2

    Choose your best match

    We’ll send you personalized tutor matches within 24 hours. You get to pick your favorite and securely book a session.

  3. Step 3

    Meet with your Gooroo

    Exactly that! Your Gooroo will tell you how to prepare for the session. You’ll have fun, we promise.

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    Receive feedback and track progress

    After each session, you’ll receive feedback and actionable recommendations to stay on track towards your goal.

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We believe that education goes beyond standardized tests. Learning is a lifelong journey that should be accessible to all.

  • For each session you book with Gooroo, we donate one book to BFA to reduce education costs for African children.

  • We support undeserved K-12 students with academic skills enhancement.

  • We provide diverse adults and families with continuing educational support.

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