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  • Developing a hobby
  • Honing a skill
  • Test prep
  • Academic improvement
  • School admissions

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Gooroo is an official vendor and partner of the NYC Department of Education

How it works

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  1. Step 1

    Submit a request

    Tell us about your needs. What you’d like to learn with us, what makes learning best for you, scheduling preferences, and more.

  2. Step 2

    Join Membership and choose your best match

    We’ll send you personalized tutor matches within 24 hours. By joining as a Gooroo member, you get to pick your favorite and securely book a session.

  3. Step 3

    Meet your Gooroo

    Exactly that! Your Gooroo will tell you how to prepare for the session. Going forward, you’ll be able to meet with your Gooroo weekly, or even more often, if needed.

  4. Step 4

    Receive feedback and reach your goals

    After each session and each quarter, you’ll receive feedback and actionable recommendations to stay on track towards your goal.

Trusted and loved by the whole family

Helping everyone unlock their potential

We believe that education goes beyond standardized tests. Learning is a lifelong journey that should be accessible to all.

  • For each session you book with Gooroo, we donate one book to BFA to reduce education costs for African children.

  • We support underserved K-12 students with academic skills enhancement.

  • We provide diverse adults and families with continuing educational support.

  • Our expert Gooroos act as mentors and advisors to students in China looking to expand their English education.

  • Residents at Related buildings receive exclusive educational amenities by Gooroo.

  • We promote seniors’ well-being through language and culture programs.

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